What Can We Fix?

Cracked Display

Cracked display? Touch screen have dead spots or is not responsive? We can fix that.

Data Transfer

Need your data transferred to another device? Ran over your phone and need the contacts? We can help!

Speaker Out

Is your speaker out, crackling or very low? Headphone jack broke off? Can you hear them but they can’t here you…or vice versa? Come see us!

Dropped Calls

Are you dropping calls more than normal? Do you have to sit next to your router to get one wifi bar? Let our high trained staff put you at ease.life.

Computer Repair

Does your computer have the flu? Is it running slow, forgot the password, or did you break something on it. Bring it by!

Charging Issues

Is your device not charging? Battery dies quick? Device wont turn on? Let us bring your device back to life.

Water Damage

Did you go swimming this weekend? Did your phone go with you? Did someone rain on your parade and your tablet? Stop by ASAP so we can save your device.

X-Box Repair

Yellow light of Death? Red Ring of Death? We’ll have you back on Call of Duty in no time.

Camera Issues

Is your camera out, blurry, flash not working, cracked lens? We’ll have you back to taking selfies in no time.

Button Issues

Does your finger turn blue because you have to press the power button down so hard to wake up your device. Does your volume button keep cranking up the tunes?

Phone Unlocks

Need your phone unlocked to use with a different carrier? Forgot your passcode? We can help.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Need to rent a wifi Hotspot for a function? Let us provide the service and equipment.


Want the latest accessories to protect your device? We carry the top of the line!

Loaner Phones

Need a loaner phone while yours is being repaired? Need something to hold you over? We have loaner phones available for most carriers.

Cash For Phones

We'll buy cellphone and tablets. Eligible for an upgrade. Stop by and receive cash for your old one.

Replace Your Old Phone

Need a replacement phone. We have a great selection of new and used devices.

Layaway Options

Don't have the cash. Use our layaway plan!


We recycle! In order to keep harmful materials out of the landfills we ship them to a recycling center. So drop off that Nokia 6100 you've been holding on to.

Payment Center

Need to refill your account? We offer payment options for 100s of companies. Stop by today or click here(hyper link bill pay) the most popular plans.




427 Page Bacon Road. Mary Esther, FL. 32569


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